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2 Million Miles

3 Million Miles

Don Schultz
Vickie Bowers
Jeff Woodall

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23 drivers with over 1 million miles of accident-free driving!

larry Alden
William Will
Larry Philips

Ron Cooper
Tim Sharp
Jake Adams
Danny Herald

These drivers have achieved over 2 million miles of accident-free driving

Randy Sweet
Darnell Johnson
Marc Lee
Mark Dayhuff

Indy Recoginized these drivers with 2 million miles and more of safe driving with a party.

Pictured (Left to Right)
Robert Mann (Yellow Director of Safety-East)
Richard Kindoll (2 Million Miles)
Larry Phillips (2 Million Miles)
Don Rakestraw (2 Million Miles)
Dave Glass (2 Million Miles)
JR Koons (2 Million Miles)
Tim Sharp (3 Million Miles)
Gary Collenbaugh (2 Million Miles)
Tony Prather (2 Million Miles)
Ron Cooper (3 Million Miles)

4 Million Miles

Adolfo Garcia
Joe Carson
David Glass
Gary Collenbaugh

Jim Grizzel
Ron Swackhammer